Maths Tutor

I have been teaching since 2003 and have always put the student's need first.  True to this philosophy I would, during our first half price meeting, conduct a full assessment of your child's ability, this would enable me to establish a base line and the specific needs of your child.  I would then be able to discuss with you your child's need and recommend a specific course of action.  At GCSE level I would work closely with you and your child on the specific exam board requirements.

I would have a debrief session with yourself after each session giving you an ongoing report of their progression.  I would also discuss with you any changes I felt was necessary to ensure their continuing success.

As part of my teaching career I spent a number of years teaching maths at a Special school, specialising in working with high functions Autistic children.  During all the time I have been teaching I have focused on the individual needs, in particular Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.  Being a Dyslexic myself, I understand the very specific needs  in particular.   

If you are looking for a dedicated experienced teacher with special needs experience I would be delighted to here from you.