My effective Spanish curriculum has helped students of all ages, levels and nationalities achieve their desired level of Spanish.

I have a proven track record teaching Spanish as a second language.

I would describe myself as a professional educator who knows how to engage children and adults in their learning process and reach their highest expectations. My approach to learning is supplemented by a robust bank of educational supporting resources, interactive materials and engaging techniques.

My experience as a tutor involves teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language, concentrating on a diverse array of topics ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Throughout my years of teaching, I have created a number of structured learning programmes. Upon meeting a tutee I then modify and adapt these based on their needs / requirements, to ensure bespoke and fit for purpose learning experience.

Previous students have been able to achieve success in terms of improved school grades, A Level and Diploma results, improved confidence in job applications and general conversational capability.

As English is my second language, I understand the weaknesses and difficulties faced by a language student. Hence, I know how to successfully utilise and teach language tips and tricks and memory techniques in addition to traditional forms of learning.