German native speaker giving German lessons for young and old


I'm glad you found me. At the moment I am living hidden away in a cute little village outside Canterbury. I enjoy spending my time exploring the Downs or chatting with my friends that I met on previous expeditions through out the world.

While I was out and about a lot I learned how important it is to have a common language - and how little it takes to learn a language, when you have a good teacher! I myself struggled with English in school all the time and thought I was just not very talented when it came to languages. Before I went to Wales for my semester abroad I never actually learend how to speak English. I was fortunate enough to meet people there who didn't judge me for the mistakes I made. Instead they focused on what they understood and what a language is for: communication. So it wasn't until the point when I finally gave up on languages that my language skills skyrocketed.

At home I changed the perspective and the student became a teacher. I started teaching small groups of refugees professionally to speak and write German. My aim was to prepare them for every day situations which can be quite difficult especially when dealing with the authorities. But only practice makes perfect. Thanks to patience and thoughtful prepared lessons my students can stand on their own feet now and feel confident enough to speak German.

By the way, if you don't have the time to meet up in person, I am happy giving you lessons via Skype!