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For Tutors

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Parents/carers/students simply follow these four easy steps:

Step 1: Search the UKTutorsRegistry® website for the tutor who best suits your requirements.

Step 2: Contact as many tutors as you wish.

Step 3: Arrange an initial meeting directly with your choice of tutor.

Step 4: Meet the tutor and:

Which Tutor?

Finding the right tutor is key to the student’s success. Consider:

Qualifications: Ideally the tutor has appropriate teaching or professional experience and knows the National Curriculum.
Experience: You may prefer a tutor who has taught students of a similar age and has knowledge of the National Curriculum.
Enthusiasm: All students need encouragement and support from enthusiastic tutors who are determined to make a difference. Building confidence is key to a student’s success.
Tutor profile pages on UKTutorsRegistry® are designed to help you select the best possible tutor. Tutors are able to explain all about their experience and qualifications as well as their approach to teaching. You are able to contact as many tutors as you wish before making your choice.

Initial National Curriculum Assessments

Unsure about your child’s learning needs? No need for you or the tutor to guess. Ask your tutor to carry out a National Curriculum assessment to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. is designed exactly for this purpose. Students receive a comprehensive test report: see sample test report: Alex Duncan Year6 Numeracy Test Report.pdf

Please note: Students receive a £10 discount on the cost of each test when the tutor is registered on Testsforkids (Free registration).

How many lessons?

Carrying out a National Curriculum assessment as above ensures the student’s strengths and weaknesses are clearly identified. The tutor then knows exactly the specific learning programme to create.

Courses of study are either fixed-length or open-ended. For a fixed length course you and the tutor can agree how long the course will last. For open-ended courses, tutors usually require a certain amount of advance notice when you intend to stop the lessons. Be sure you understand the tutor’s Terms of Business.

How long should each lesson last?

An hour is usually the standard length of a lesson. Tutors may charge a minimum of an hour to make it financially worthwhile to visit your home.

Older primary school students may be able to manage longer lessons. Secondary pupils may benefit from lessons lasting up to 90 minutes. A-Level students and adults can arrange lessons of any length they feel able to manage. Be guided by your child’s feedback and work with the tutor to establish a lesson length that works best for your child.


Please give feedback on your tutor (see the option in student's account panel) so other users can benefit from recommendations.