Experienced BSL Tutor offering 1:1 tuition or group teaching.

I am partially Deaf who have been brought up with deaf parents using BSL, therefore this is my first language. 

I am experienced in teaching BSL on a 1:1 basis or group teaching. I follow Signature who are the awarding bodies for BSL. Upon completing the Levels, a certificate will be given. 

I offer a free folder and weekly handouts and offer comfort of teaching in my office. I am able to visit your home but only under special circumstances. 

I ensure that you are learning at your own pace and that there is no pressure or deadline to follow. Days and times are fairly flexible where I will try and fit you in the best I can. 

I have a 100% pass rate with my previous students and this has proven that the methods I use are adequate. I give feedback and a lot of encouragement to ensure you are making progress.

I can cater to your needs if you feel that your group or work colleagues need specific signs. I am happy to discuss anything else that you need to know.