With over thirty years of teaching experience, I work closely with parents to ensure each pupil follows a personalised programme of study.

I believe it is essential to firstly identify your child's learning needs.  Consequently, for each new pupil, I provide a free initial National Curriculum assessment that accurately identifies any learning gaps you child may have. This knowledge avoids unnecessarily re-teaching material already learned.

In addition to the above test, I also speak to you about your understanding of your child's needs. Finally, I also closely examine your child's school reports for further information. 

Once I have gathered the information needed, I recommend a course of study that aims to meet your child's individual and specific learning needs, whatever they may be.

I always work closely with parents and after every lesson let you know how your child got on and show you samples of work. If you would like me to focus on any particular topics, or to adjust your child's programme of study in any way, I will be delighted  to do so. I firmly believe that a strong collaboration between teacher and parent will produce the best outcomes for the child.  

At primary level, developing fluent reading, a keen understanding of a wide range of vocabulary and accurate and concise writing skills are usually the key factors.   

As students approach GCSE exams, there is more focus on the requirements of exam boards and examination skills.  The study of English literature can be wide-ranging and covers all syllabuses.

In mathematics, I teach all basic operations as well as higher level skills in preparation for SATs. I provide tuition for pupils in KS1 - KS3.

If you are looking for an experienced and dedicated teacher, I will be delighted to hear from you.