About US

At UKTutorsRegistry® we believe that all students should be able to access the support they need to excel in their chosen subjects. Furthermore, we appreciate how beneficial private tutoring is for many children in boosting confidence and improving academic performance.

UKTutorsRegistry® grew out of Excelr8 Learning tuition centres based in Cambridge since 2006 where we have helped thousands of Cambridgeshire youngsters to achieve their full potential.

We realised, however, that not all students have access to excellent tuition centres such as Excelr8 Learning in Cambridge. So we developed UKTutorsRegistry® to enable students all over the UK to have fair access to great tutors in their own area.

We made it easy to find the best tutors everywhere. We also made UKTutorsRegistry® a free service. Consequently, parents, carers and students are able to search for tutors and contact as many as they wish before making a choice.

UKTutorsRegistry® is also free for tutors. Unlike tutoring agencies, we make no charge for tutors to advertise their services. Furthermore, we do not charge tutors registration fees and nor do we charge any commission.

Not an Agency

UKTutorsRegistry® does not employ tutors. We are not an agency. Rather, we provide a service for parents or students to find a suitable tutor. We provide the means for tutors and students to meet each other. Tutors set their own fees and students pay the tutors, not UKTutorsRegistry®. Parents, carers and students deal solely with tutors.